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A mentoring relationship connecting established leaders with emerging leaders – focused on learning and leading with the Value Culture. Begins Aug 2021. Apply now.

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Interviews with leaders focusing on tangible ways to demonstrate value to the people around us, thereby inspiring transformational change in people and corporate culture.


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Please plan to join us for this day focused on organizational health, effective communication, and tools for leading with a value culture.

Recent Articles and Posts

The Substance of Life

Most of us are familiar with suffering. If you have been in a relationship, been a parent, been an employee, lost someone or something you love, had dreams or even goals, you have had ample opportunity to suffer. Suffering is the substance of life and the root of personality, for it is only suffering that...
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I was in California this weekend to look at cars with my youngest son, his friends, and their dads. Fast cars, historic cars, unique cars, expensive cars. Driving between locations we also saw some spectacular cars on the street. What we also saw on the street were human beings living in tents, broken down vehicles,...
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Passion Tamed

Have you ever been hurried or bullied into making a decision? Had your hand forced by someone who called your ability or authority into question in front of others? Made a snap judgement under pressure that you later regretted? Unfortunately, this is not uncommon among leaders. We often find ourselves in situations where everyone is...
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Sick And Tired

I got sick this past week, and I should have seen it coming. I have less than optimum sinuses. Two surgeries and a lot of OTC meds later, I live a mostly normal life, but from time to time I miss the clues, fail to care for myself, and end up with a sinus infection....
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